Since I directed the award winning short film 'THE SOLDIER' we have strived to produce a worthy feature length version. The script titled - 'THE 4TH REICH' has been through many changes and has been passed through many production companies over the years. As a result, an old addage comes into play "too many cooks spoil the broth". I am now in a position where I can strip back the script and take it back to the premise that attracted everyone in the first place, sometimes this is the key to a successful movie, taking it back to basics.


I started development in 2008 after a successful festival run with 'THE SOLDIER', We achieved so much including securing an incredible cast members and a distribution deal with a high profile distributor. Through developing T4R I have met many incredibly talented people and I have had the pleasure of travelling across Europe seeking out those ideal locations.


This project is my baby and the thirst for producing this film will never cease until I have fulfilled the dream of directing it. The idea started way back in the mid nineties when a flurry of survival horror games were released. It began as a basic Nazi Zombie film and over the years it has changed with trends, at one point it was even a found footage film, but it will always be a very dark film - based on true events, real people and historical fact, those of you that have seen my debut feature 'BROKEN' can attest that I like to keep the story based in truth, reality and fact.


I want to assure everyone that 'THE 4TH REICH' is on the horizon, what I have learned from you over the years is that we have a dedicated and loyal fanbase, most of you have been patient and understand that it's tough out there, but independent filmmaking is breaking through, we're in a much better position than we were in 2008. Those of you that haven't been patient have shown me just how much our followers are passionate about this project.